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Innovative and family-owned, BreedELITE helps Australian sheep farmers reach their potential with Precision Sheep Software and Technology


We are focussed on making elite sheep farming easier, more profitable and more enjoyable. Working with progressive producers all over Australia we ensure they have the best tools by their side, supporting them to achieve their goals with more certainty, clarity and control than ever before.

Backed by 35+ years of specialist sheep production consultancy, innovation and cutting edge technology we developed the BreedELITE Sheep System to drastically increase productivity without all the frustrations of clunky, unsupported technology.

Our unique pedigree and performance recording Software combines with our very own Australian Made Automatic Drafting and Weighing Machine and other Technologies to create the very first ‘all-in-one’ Precision Sheep System.

We serve progressive sheep farmers all over Australia

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The BreedELITE Smart Drafter & Software is proud to be certified Australian Made

The BreedELITE Story

It all started with the development the BreedELITE Sheep Software in 1999 when Co-Founder, Greg started working with the Turkey Lane merino flock to demonstrate the value of modern genetic selection methods in commercial merinos to a group of commercial sheep farmers on Kangaroo Island.

The demonstration required the collection of accurate, high quality data on the mating and lambing performance of the ewes and the measured and visual performance of all of the sheep in the demonstration. Greg looked at all of the software that was available and couldn’t find anything that suited his requirements, so he decided to develop his own program.

 Since then the BreedELITE Sheep Software has undergone countless revisions and upgrades as the field of sheep genetic selection and objective measurement has matured. The software now has the capability to record over 800 pieces of data per sheep.

When BreedELITE Sheep was first written, there was no national across flock genetic recording system for sheep, Electronic ID was in its infancy and genomics was only being dreamt about.

The BreedELITE Sheep Software had full EID compatibility and barcode printing capability in 2003. Greg had the foresight to start using EID tags and Bluetooth enabled readers way back then. Even with the technology available in the early days, EID tags increased the accuracy of data recording and today they make accurate data recording and retrieval easy.

The BreedELITE Sheep Software has been in operation in a number of flocks over the last 15 years and all enhancements have been developed with direct user feedback to what it is today, the most capable performance recording software in the market for sheep farmers.

We were seeing our software users make great gains using the BreedELITE Sheep Software, however we could see that their technology was holding them back. Getting all the different pieces of technology to integrate and work together as a system was far harder than it should be. We were growing increasingly frustrated that it was so hard for our clients to get the technology and support they needed to succeed.

So, in 2015 we threw out every single assumption we had about sheep technology and we started over… we listened to hundreds of Stud Breeders, Commercial Breeders and Feedlot Producers all over Australia. We identified every issue they were facing in the market and we said, enough is enough! We tasked ourselves with creating an all-in-one solution. We assessed what progressive sheep producers wanted, what they needed, and what was required to achieve production and efficiency goals faster than ever before.

The journey has been tough and rewarding, but after winning awards with AWI and having elite producers all over Australia raving and getting great results, we can see that our goal of helping sheep producers breed elite sheep has been realised.

We have worked long and hard to develop a seamless plug and play system to give you in-yard analytics and decision making, that makes everything simpler. We now have a capable and adaptable system that we are constantly improving for our producers. As you well know, compulsory EID is just around the corner, premiums are there for the taking, at sale time you’re expected to have more and more data (no matter what kind of producer you are), tablets and computers are getting cheaper, while scaleheads are getting more expensive and harder to use. Live analytics are needed, functionality updates need to be quick, labour availability is declining, and the list goes on…

It’s time for you to take hold of the market using the best technology available and breed elite sheep.


Co-Founder & CEO


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