Are you looking for a better way to manage your sheep data but don’t know where to start?wwwwwwwww

Ditch the notebooks, Excel spreadsheets, scale heads and session times. Multiple locations for data means loads of time in the office post processing and a high chance for data inaccuracy…Worst of all you are jeopardising the profitability of your business. The good news…there is a better way…one easy-to-use software system that records and tracks all your sheep data in one place. A system that is based around the sheeps life, production cycle and your management calendar, allowing real time data entry and analytics, whether you are connected to the internet or not. Watch the video below to learn more about the BreedELITE Sheep Software and how you can take control of your sheep data today:
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Does This Sound Like You?

You spend too much time recording data manually or struggling with multiple software systems or data stored across multiple devices or notebooks.

You spend hours in the office at the end of the day after collecting data manually entering things or trying to use data to make decisions but can’t seem to get what you want.

You’re not making genetic progress as fast as you should be.

You have poor performing sheep but have no way to identify them.

Submitting data to Sheep Genetics is hard work and time consuming. It may have been so hard that you are paying someone else to do it...

Making decisions isn't easy when you've got data everywhere and nowhere all at once.

You feel frustrated and know there must be an easier way.

Boost Your Performance with the BreedELITE Sheep Software

The BreedELITE Sheep Software allows you to manage all of your sheep data in one user-friendly interface. With this system you will:

Improve Your Data Quality: Data is collected and entered in a way that ensures it meets data quality rules.

Track More Data: Define how many data points you want to track for each animal, from just a few all the way up to 800. Customisable views mean you only see what you want to.

Learn Quickly: BreedELITE has a short learning curve, thanks to an intuitive interface, easy navigation, and personalised support.

Save Time: Scan your sheep and instantly send the data to the software from the Smart Drafter or Smart Reader. No more manually inputting data.

In Yard Analytics: Data is entered against each sheep in real time allowing for live in yard analytics and decision making whether you are connected to the internet or not

Take Your Data Anywhere: The software comes with a portable tablet that allows you to track and analyse data wherever you go.

Make Better Decisions: Collect accurate data on your sheep and make more informed decisions when it comes to selection, culling, and breeding.

If the above resonates with you, then the first step is to book a Sheep Technology Audit with our team. In the call we will understand exactly where you are at, what your goals are, and create a tailored plan for you to move forward.

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Who is the BreedELITE Sheep Software For?

Stud Breeders

Lead the industry, maximise genetic gain and simplify your breeding

All your data out of your head and in one place

Save time and money by simplifying data collection and storage

Ensure data integrity is maintained to optimise your ASBV’s

Maximise breeding decisions with real-time data analytics

Automate drafting and weighing to a single person job

Set your stud apart as an Elite Breeder

Confidence that the toolkit you have will get you to wherever you want to go. – no technology ceiling

Commercial Breeders

Enhance profitability and production with data driven decisions

Make decisions based on data not guesswork

See your flock as individuals and not just mobs or year groups

Keep the best sheep in every drop that drive your genetics and profit

Avoid getting rid of the wrong sheep by culling on age rather than performance

Increase efficiency by automating and streamlining sheep work

Automate drafting and weighing to a single person job

Confidence that the toolkit you have will get you to wherever you want to go. – no technology ceiling

Feedlot Producers

Increase throughput, optimise feed and management costs

Make better decisions with data at your fingertips

Optimise feed usage and conversion

Track weight gains and easily view trends for individuals and groups

Track management practices of individual sheep

Automate drafting and weighing to a single person job

Live analytics for rapid decision making

Highly adjustable system to suit different lambs

Match sheep performance to market opportunities to maximise profits

Maximise labour efficiency

BreedELITE makes breeding elite sheep easier, more profitable and even more enjoyable… see the Full System in action and hear from BreedELITE Sheep Farmers about how they are propelling their results

testimonial Dion

Dion Woolford

Stud Breeder - Karawatha Park
We've gone from keeping our data in piles of notebooks to having it all at our fingertips at the press of a button.

Cameron England

Commercial Breeder - Lyndall Park
We've eliminated almost all human error in terms of the data we collect, and now the future is going to be a lot more profitable because of it.

Tash Westbrook

Feedlot Producer - Belmont Beef & Lamb
The data that I can get out of the software side is really good. It makes my decision making a lot easier.

Interested in the BreedELITE Sheep Software?

The first step is to book a Sheep Technology Audit, starting with a short call with one of our team.

During the audit you’ll discover:

Where you’re at compared to other sheep farmers running similar operations (stud, commercial or feedlot)

The 3 steps that you need to follow to successfully implement technology. Not following these can lead you to chasing your tail for years and wasting money

An exact blueprint of the steps you need to take to grow the sheep farm you’ve always dreamed of

Why it’s not too early if you haven’t started, or not too late if you’ve already invested thousands of dollars and hours

If there is a good fit at the completion of the Sheep Technology Audit, we will have a conversation about implementing the BreedELITE Sheep System in your farm.
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