“Finally, A Drafting System That Simplifies Data Collection Allowing Better Decisions And More Profit...Without All The Stress, Tech And Labour Issues..!”

The BreedELITE Sheep System is a seamless combination of the very best in software, hardware and autodrafting technology

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"The family business helping Australian sheep breeders for over 35 years..."

At BreedELITE, we have created a practical, low cost system that will improve your management skills, enabling you to make better decisions, faster, based on data, not guesswork.

Our pedigree and performance recording software, matches with our very own automatic drafting and weighing machine to create the very first "all-in-one" BreedELITE Sheep System

The product built upon 35+ years of specialist sheep farming consultancy, innovation and cutting edge technology drastically increases sheep breeding productivity, allowing the best genetic progress possible without the frustrations of clunky, unsupported products.

BreedELITE makes breeding elite sheep easier, more profitable and enjoyable... Our breeders know that they have the best tool at their side, leading them to achieve their goals.

A letter from the Co-Founder

Four years ago we threw out every single assumption we had about sheep technology and we started over... In fact, we listened to hundreds of breeders. We identified every issue they were facing in the market and we said, enough is enough!

We were shocked with what breeders were putting up with, and we tasked ourselves with creating an all-in-one solution. We assessed what breeders wanted, what they needed, and what was required to achieve production and efficiency goals faster than ever before.

The journey has been a tough one, but after winning awards with AWI and having elite breeders all over Australia raving and getting great results, we realised that our goal of helping breeders breed elite sheep has been realised.

We have worked long and hard to develop a seamless plug and play system giving you in-yard analytics and decision making tools, that make everything simpler.

As you well know, compulsory EID is just around the corner, premiums are there for the taking, your clients are expecting more everyday, tablets and computers are getting cheaper, while scaleheads are getting more expensive and harder to use. Live analytics are needed, functionality updates need to be quick, labour availability is declining, and the list goes on...

It's time for you to take hold of the market using the best technology and breed elite sheep.

Tim Johnsson
BreedELITE CEO & Co-Founder

"I actually love what we are able to achieve"

In the end we wanted to have a system that allowed us to identify the most productive animals and multiply them. BreedELITE has achieved this in the most labour efficient and stress free process
Mike Cameron, Cherylton Farms

"This has completely changed the way we manage sheep"

We believe the software and drafter put together are really going to be a major influence on taking us to the next level as a stud
Dion Woolford, Karawatha Park

To Keep Our Service At The Highest Quality, We Limit The Number Of New Breeders We Take On Each Month. To Ensure Your Farm Receives Priority Service, Register Your Details Now.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sheep yards are a pretty harsh environment…Will it last?

We've used Steel, welded strong and hot dip galvanised. And our software is housed in a Tablet protected by toughened glass screen, and a rugged case built to military standards backed by a 4 year 'wear and tear' warranty.

I’ve already got yards, will it fit?

At a super slim 530mm, the BreedELITE Sheep System is made to fit INTO your yards.

I run a stud, can it handle all of my data needs such as linking with Sheep Genetics?

From weights to wool, ASBV's to reproduction, plus full integration to sheep genetics, our system has you covered.

I have more than one set of yards, is the drafter portable?

Built with the mobile farmer in mind, the drafter features fold down handles and attachable wheels that can have you mobile in minutes.

On a Ute tray or wheeled onto a trailer, many of our clients travel between their multiple properties with the drafter behind.

The same goes for the software, because it is on your tablet, your data goes with you. Analyse and set draft criteria whilst you are having smoko, take it with you in the ute, or show other people off-farm without the need to be in the yards.

When you are finished, use the same machine to check and send emails, surf the internet or read the news. Convenience matters.

Does the drafter have to be level or isolated to weigh accurately?

We've designed our drafter with an independent weigh floor. That means…No more messed up tare weights, no more uneven ground issues, no more inaccurate weights due to a waiting sheep touching the back gates.

No matter the terrain, it will weigh accurately every time.

How do I draft on my data with your machine?

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 or at least left, right, straight. Click on a direction, then add the criteria you want. Weights, sire, sex, gains, number of lambs, wool quality... the list goes on. Make it as simple or as complex as you like.

No more downloading and uploading draft lists of EID's, it is all done live by the software. Choose the criteria you want in each direction, and the BreedELITE Sheep System takes care of the rest

Is it hard to setup?

You'll be saying, "Why hasn't it always been like this, it just makes sense and is so easy".

Walk up, plug the drafter in, put in criteria, start drafting, change criteria, draft another mob, change criteria, draft another mob.

It's that easy. Everything works like a well oiled machine, the way technology should be.

If you do have any issues, they aren’t your issues, they're ours. We supply the full system, so we can support the full system.

How many sheep/hr?

Our drafter can push up to 650 sheep per hour weighing, and up to 800 sheep per hour with EID. When in a completely unstressed situation, meaning moving under their own impulse, sheep will move through any drafter at 450-550/hr weighing, and 600-750/hr with EID.

The whole goal of autodrafting is: low stress, low labour, high accuracy segregation of a mob, not 'to be faster than 4 people and a dog with a manual crate'.

Low stress means sheep are happy, return to feed immediately, and won't try to double up or jump in the crate. Low labour means better utilisation of farm resources, and higher ROI. High accuracy means you only have to do the job once.

With BreedElite, you'll be able to draft a few thousand sheep, by yourself, whilst sitting in a chair watching the cricket, with amazing accuracy.