Stud Breeders

Lead the industry, maximise genetic gain and simplify your breeding

Commercial Breeders

Enhance profitability and production with data driven decisions

Feedlot Producers

Increase throughput, optimise feed and management costs



The leading pedigree and performance recording software for sheep

Smart Reader


Fully portable interface for all your mobile data entry needs

Sheep Auto Drafter


Automatically weigh or draft your sheep on any data combination

At BreedELITE, we have created a practical, low-cost Precision Sheep Management System, enabling progressive producers to implement better decisions based on data, not guesswork


Born out of 35+ years of specialist sheep farming consultancy, innovation and cutting edge technology the BreedELITE Sheep System allows you to drastically increase sheep farm productivity without all the frustrations of clunky, unsupported technology. Our unique pedigree and performance recording Software combines with our very own Australian Made Automatic Drafting and Weighing Machine and other technologies to create the very first ‘all-in-one’ Precision Sheep System. BreedELITE makes elite sheep farming easier, more profitable and more enjoyable… Progressive producers know that they have the best tools on their side, supporting them to achieve their goals with more certainty, clarity and control than ever before

Guide For Sheep Farmers

5 Steps To Success With Precision Sheep Management

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