Since we have had BreedELITE, our problems have been solved.

Matthew Coddington

Stud Breeder – Roseville Park

You've Heard About It...Now Come See It!

The latest EID technology that Sheep Breeders across Australia have been raving about...

BreedELITE is on the road and hosting a Technology Field Day Event near you!

Join Tim Johnsson, CEO and Co-Founder of BreedELITE and guest speakers to discuss how you can get the most out of Precision Sheep Management and EID Technology on your sheep farm.

Here’s what you will learn:

How to implement a successful EID technology system in your sheep farm

Why the right technology helps boost productivity, saves labour, increases the bottom line and simplifies your sheep farm

Hear from an Elite Breeder who is successfully using the BreedELITE System to drive results in their Sheep Farm

How to avoid the common mistakes many make when purchasing EID technology

PLUS: A live demonstration of the BreedELITE Sheep System in action. Secure your seat below.

Friday 24th June 8:30am – 1pm
Anden Stud
1117 Willangie Woomelang Road Willangie VIC 3485
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Tuesday 5th July 8:30am – 1pm
Apsley Park
610 Highland Lakes Road Apsley TAS 7030
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Thursday 21st July 8:30am – 1pm
Supreme Kelpie Stud
1046 Wimbledon Road Newbridge NSW 2795
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It’s free to register with limited spots available so be quick and save your spot today!

The BreedELITE Sheep System


The leading pedigree and performance recording software

  • BreedELITE Software Package – simple to use yet powerful enough for the largest and most complex operations
  • 1 Year Subscription – unlimited use on multiple devices
  • Free Onboarding – we get all your existing data into our software so you are ready to go
  • GETAC Ultra Rugged Tablet – fast and reliable
  • Cloud Based Backup – protect your precious data by backing it up in the cloud

Smart Reader

Fully portable interface for all your mobile data entry needs

  • Stick Reader – great read range, outstanding 30hr operation time, large display, lightweight balanced construction for long work days.
  • BreedELITE Dongle – plug and play simplicity with up to 100m connection range
  • Stick Reader App – full control of the Stick Reader via the BreedELITE Software
  • 2 Way Communication – retrieve data from and send data to the BreedELITE Software using the reader

Smart Drafter

Automatically weigh or draft your sheep on any data combination

  • Automatic Drafting – sort your sheep on any combination of data in real time
  • Fully Isolated Weigh Floor – fast, accurate weights every time
  • Rapid Feed Technology – fully adjustable sheep flow to suit your conditions
  • Highly Portable Design – easy to move
  • Drafter App – full control of the Smart Drafter via the BreedELITE Software
  • Remote Control – manual control of all draft gates from anywhere in your yards.
  • Tablet Mount – fully adjustable Tablet holder

Fleece Weigh

Automate & dominate fleece weighing & in shed data collection

  • Automate Fleece Weighing – super accurate scales capture fleece weights automatically stored against the sheep in the BreedELITE Sheep Software in real time
  • Fleece Cards – track fleeces through shed and remove need for manual tracking
  • Barcode Scanner – remove human error from written tag numbers and fleece weights
  • In Shed Analytics – see trends and averages in real time
  • Save Time – capture fleece weights without slowing down the shed or adding more labour

Hear from people already taking advantage of the BreedELITE System

Stud Breeder


Craig Bradley

New Armatree

Commercial Breeder


Cameron England

Lyndall Park

Feedlot Producer


Tash Westbrook

Belmont Beef & Lamb

Stud Breeder


Dion Woolford

Karawatha Park

Stud Breeder


Matthew Coddington

Roseville Park

Stud Breeder


Troy & Nette

Ashmore White Suffolks

Stud Breeder


Mel Pagett

Winrae Dorpers