Weighing Lambs Can Be Easy!

Your feedback was clear… Drafting lambs sucks!

Especially lambs less than 40kg…
And lambs less than 20kg? You only do that once…

It’s hard getting them to the drafter, but then every second lamb turns around!

Some people have even abandoned weighing weaners altogether

This isn’t acceptable, so we’ve built an attachment that stops the problem

And let me tell you… it’s NIGHT and DAY difference

We’ve tested lambs from 13kg – 50kg and they work an absolute TREAT!

Check out the difference below

Lamb Boards in Action

Check out the brand new Lamb Boards on-farm with lambs of all sizes going through!

Simple Installation Process

See how easy the lamb boards are to install into the Smart Drafter


It was really exciting to partner with BreedELITE to test out their new product to help stop lambs turning around in the autodrafter. Many thanks to Tim and Anika for dropping in. The boards worked a treat and made a normally very frustrating job low stress and very straightforward - a win for both sheep and operators 🤠

Alison Henderson of Hendowie Poll Merinos

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