Press → HERE ← to download VERSION 8.5 of the software. Please watch the above video on how to install it on your computer.
If your database is large, this process may take SEVERAL HOURS to complete itself once started, do not leave the update to the last minute, once started it cannot be stopped.

If you are unsure about the process and would like us to do it, please email and we will organise a time.



Whats new in Version 8.0


Notable Features:

  • New Smart Reader App – 2 way communication with the software and stick reader!
  • New Drafter Mode: Mixed EID – Draft by weight for mobs with mixed EID and Non-EID sheep (stats will be recorded against the individuals with EID’s).
  • Drafting on Saved Groups – you can draft on whether a sheep is in a saved group, using the ‘member of ‘ item in fixed data logic menu
  • Drafting on ‘Last Recorded’ – weight, GFW, FD and Preg Scan Result
  • Merge Saved Groups – You can now merge saved groups together for ultra quick list building. Choose to retain or delete the original groups
  • No More “STATUS” Field – “Fate Code” now determines the fate of sheep on the property (this covers Sheep Genetics Status)
  • Multiple Embryos for Recips – Added a field to ET screen to enter the number of embryos transplanted
  • Preg Scan Import -We have added a wizard that walks you through entering pregnancy scan results to mating records.
  • Sheep Not Found – when using the stick reader, an add sheep button appears if no sheep is found (button on no sheep layout)
  • Adding Sheep In Bulk – import list into add sheep window to enable you to enter sheep in bulk
  • Custom Report Overhaul – All fields are available now in Custom Report, all 811 of them! Of note is ASBV accuracies as well as last recorded data


General Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Congruency with Sheep Genetics XSD v2.0.
  • Shift drafter battery checking to check battery voltage before attempting to read tags (solves issue with tags not being read due to low power)
  • Fixed issue with drafting mixup between indexes and + indexes of the same name
  • Sire Dropdown in fixed data now references the sires list instead of all recorded sires in the database
  • Dam Dropdown in fixed data references all dams in the software, as you start typing the dams narrow down for selection
  • When exporting the weight statistics, it now shows EID and visual tag for that drafting job
  • when entering carcase data with the stick reader, it now displays the sheep first, and then the entry window, so you can check that the correct sheep has been found


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