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Automate & Dominate Fleece Weighing - JOIN THE WAITING LIST

A must for any wool producer the BreedELITE Fleece Weigh system streamlines fleece weighing and in shed data collection.

Too often we have seen wool producers needing to slow down their shed, load up with heaps of extra staff or battling with tech issues during shearing because the fleece weighing system they are using isn’t streamlined or able to keep up.

Some give up completely or don’t get started with fleece weighing because it is all just too hard and miss out on the extra gains and profit available in their sheep farm.

That is why we have spent the last 3 years developing an all in one, seamless and integrated auto fleece weighing system that collects your data in real time and turns it into information.

With the BreedELITE Fleece Weigh System you will be collecting fleece weights like a pro, regardless of the staff you have in your shed. The Progressive Producers we have been working with to put the finishing touches on the Fleece Weigh system have all seen the transformation to:

  • Quicker fleece weighing
  • Less cost
  • More accurate weights and data entry….and
  • More time with their family rather than on the computer at the end of the day

They are saying things like…

“Stoked with the BreedELITE Fleece Weigh System! Turning what was a complex job into something a couple of backpackers can handle. Makes taking a midside sample achievable at the same time…”

Throw out your old manual system or unreliable cobbled together system that relies on multiple suppliers and you being a tech guru. Make the shift today to a simpler fleece weighing and save yourself time, stress and money when collecting the hugely important fleece weights for your wool flock.

Fill in your details above or send an email to to secure your BreedELITE Fleece Weigh System and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.


Tim Johnsson

P.S. – This is a special launch offer and the BreedELITE Fleece Weigh System won’t be sold at this low price again. Don’t miss this opportunity to secure yours today.