Take Advantage Of Precision Livestock Management Or You Will Be Left Behind

Are you a Sheep Farmer who is still not maximising technology in your sheep business? If yes, then you will definitely want to read this post until the end to find out what you are missing out on..

Evolving Government Regulations And Consumer Expectations

Changing government regulations, consumer expectations and new technology are already disrupting industries worldwide (including agriculture). 

This disruption often displaces established ways of doing business or established practices leaving those that are slow to move struggling to survive.

Evolution Of Technology

In this rapidly changing world, the rate of technology related disruption is increasing. 

Agriculture is no different, and sheep farming is lagging behind other areas of agriculture. 

Despite much of the sheep industry putting its head in the sand and hoping this will all pass them by, disruption is happening and it’s accelerating. Sheep farmers that don’t choose to start investing in technology today will rapidly get left behind.

Challenges Faced By Stud Breeders

For Stud Breeders, clients are realising the importance of their ram source in driving their genetic performance and are increasingly expecting their ram breeders to be able to not only show them the measured figures for particular animals but also their genetic potential and how well that ram compares to others across Australia. 

They are also asking ram breeders to demonstrate that their stud has been improving its genetic performance through time as they understand the importance of this in their own progress.

Consumer Expectations

Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about food and product traceability as well as the way that animal was treated, what chemicals it was given or consumed and where it lived.

Retailers are looking to science and measurable traits that help them predict things like eating quality and taste for products.

Easy Data Collection And Precise Decision Making

Technology like computers are getting faster, more powerful and cheaper. New methods for collecting and analysing data are emerging, auto weighing and drafting is here. 

ASBV’s are well established and accelerating genetic gains and new providers of technologies like genomics and DNA testing are coming into the market each day which is reducing costs and broadening their use in the industry.

Some States in Australia are already mandating the use of EID’s through the National Livestock Identification Scheme and it is likely that even if Government’s don’t mandate this in other States, abattoirs will start requiring this to manage their own risks. 

Precision Livestock Management (PLM) provides the progressive sheep farmer an opportunity to move beyond seeing tags as just another cost, to being one of their smartest investments each year.

So tell us which category you want to be in?

The one who fears the change and doesn’t want to implement the technology and eventually gets left behind?


The one who wants to make a difference by implementing the latest technology and taking over the industry?