(SECRET #4) TOP 7 Benefits Of An All-In-One System

Opting for an All-In-One-System like the BreedELITE Sheep System provides you with a number of benefits, including:

  • BENEFIT #1: Sheep Data Always In One Place: To have information for making better decisions all your sheep data must be in one place. With an All-In-One-System all the data is always stored in the BreedELITE Sheep Software meaning you have real time in yard analytics and there is no reliance on you to manage data across multiple devices and sessions.
  • BENEFIT #2: Faster Learning Curve: Everything is controlled by the software and designed for sheep farmers and the jobs you are wanting to do. This means that you only have to learn one system rather than multiple different pieces of software and technology.
  • BENEFIT #3: Avoid Technology Ceilings: When piecing together a system for your sheep farm it is easy to create a technology ceiling (A Technology Ceiling is a limitation in the capability of your software or technology that prevents you collecting data or implementing decisions that you want to). Often technology ceilings are created because managing data between devices is too time consuming or hard to figure out, so you make do with what you have. The biggest cost of technology ceilings isn’t the investment already made in tech that is holding you back, but the missed opportunity where sheep farmers constrain their thinking on what’s possible and hold back the gains that they could be making.
  • BENEFIT #4: It’s Scalable:If you aren’t ready for the full system that is fine, start with the industry leading pedigree & performance recording software and then add technology when you need it with confidence that it will all work together.
  • BENEFIT #5: Makes Your Life Easier: Systems save you stress, time, energy and money. An All-In-One-System does all of these things by removing the complications that exist when dealing with multiple suppliers and multiple pieces of tech that were never designed to work together.
  • BENEFIT #6: Connection Issues Disappear: Too often sheep farmers get a mob of sheep in to start work for the day, only to find out that for some reason tech isn’t connecting or working as it should. With multiple suppliers this can lead to a procession of phone calls to troubleshoot an issue, waste a heap of time, and often result in you resorting to doing a part, or all of it manually.
  • BENEFIT #7: Most Jobs Can Be Done By 1 Person: An All-In-One-System allows most jobs you want to do on your sheep farm when collecting data or implementing decisions to be done by one person. This means jobs get done when they should rather than when labour is available.

What’s In The BreedELITE Sheep System

Depending on what type of sheep farm you run, where you are at on your sheep technology journey, your goals and your budget the BreedELITE Sheep System can be tailored to suit your needs NOW, whilst giving you confidence you have the POWER TO DO MORE in the future.

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