(SECRET #2) Which Stage Are You At With Your Sheep Technology?

There are two common stories we hear from Sheep Farmers all over Australia who are looking to do more with data in their sheep farm. The Progressive Producers we talk with are generally in one of the following two stages…

So, which stage are you in?

If you are in one of these stages you probably:

Have some poor performing sheep but have no idea which ones they are

Are recording data manually through notebooks or are stuck with a cobbled together software and technology system that causes too many headaches

Aren’t making genetic progress anywhere near as fast as you could be, or are seeing the same results year after year with no progress

Have grand plans for the future, but never seem to get started on them because you’re stuck in the day-to-day operations

Feel frustrated and know there has to be a better, easier way

Irrespective of whether you are just getting started with data recording and EID Technology or have been collecting data for years but are looking for a simpler, lower stress way, there is power in knowing where you are at now…

It allows you to be clear on your starting point and take that first step to move forward…

And that first step is to create a plan that gets you from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be).

Developing this plan with support from someone who has helped hundreds of leading sheep farmers all over Australia achieve the results they are chasing will help you get there even faster (think up to 4 years faster…)

So ask yourself these questions:

What if you knew the individual performance and productivity of every sheep on the property and how they compare to each other?

How would that change your ability to make profitable decisions?

If your business was making more profitable decisions each year, what would it mean for you? More time with family? More holidays? More money to reinvest back into the farm?

What you do with it is up to you, that’s the beauty of being in total control of your data and your sheep enterprise. This is what life as a BreedELITE Sheep Farmer looks like.

No matter which stage you are in, BreedELITE can help you take the next step. Watch the video below to hear from Co-founder Tim Johnsson

If you’re ready to take the first step today, then book in a Sheep Technology Audit and get your plan together to move from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be).

During the audit you’ll discover:

Where you’re at compared to other sheep farmers running similar operations (stud, commercial or feedlot)

The 3 steps that you need to follow to successfully implement technology. Not following these can lead you to chasing your tail for years and wasting money

An exact blueprint of the steps you need to take to grow the sheep farm you’ve always dreamed of

Why it’s not too early if you haven’t started, or not too late if you’ve already invested thousands of dollars and hours

If there is a good fit at the completion of the Sheep Technology Audit, we will have a conversation about implementing the BreedELITE Sheep System in your farm.