Do You Collect Data Or Use Data?

The day you become a better breeder…

“I’ve got data everywhere but nowhere…”

“I’ve spent all this money on technology but still can’t seem to make easy decisions…”

“It’s all hidden in session files and excel sheets…”

“I want to back up my decisions but I’m still guessing…”

“I must be doing something wrong because everybody talks about data being great, I just can’t seem to crack it…”

“I’m F*%$# sick of it to be honest, it’s too hard…”

Does this sound like your tech and data journey?

It sucks!

You might just be starting (with just some tags and a stick)…

You might not have anything at all…

or you might be $60k deep in machines and software…

The frustration is the same => You can’t make decisions with data (or if you can, it’s bloody hard work and it’s all clunky)


It’s not you, so don’t start there, start with your system

After all, 94% of problems in business are system related

For Sheep Breeders, a system is the combination of software, hardware and support

Your system for data flow; from planning, to collection, to decision, to implementation

Ask yourself this question ruthlessly: Have I got a ‘data collection’ system OR a ‘data management and analysis’ system?

Put another way: A ‘database’ or a ‘decisionbase’

It’s a play on words, but it is very profound

To clarify further: Pen and paper is a data collection system, Session files are a data collection system, Excel is a slightly more advanced data collection system, software that is list based is a data collection system… 

If you are only collecting data, and it disappears into sessions, excel sheets, databases and scaleheads, it may as well have gone into a black hole…

The fundamental issue is that for Breeders, your PROFIT COMES FROM MAKING DECISIONS backed by data, NOT BY COLLECTING DATA

Sure, collecting data is a big part of it, but the issue is most of the tech and software out there is only focussed on this, and none of it is focussed on the data flow from collection → decision involving hardware, software and support

Collecting data is where all the cost is…

You need to be focused on the Decisions that any part of your system allows, that’s where your profit is…

The day you become an Elite Breeder is the day you decide to be a data-backed decision maker, not a data collector

And yes… this means that even if you’ve got different technologies you make the switch to a proper data management and analysis system (It’s actually easier than you think and we do all the heavy lifting)

A system built for Sheep Breeders like you, by breeding consultants in conjunction with the best stud and commercial breeders in Australia

This is how we built the BreedELITE Sheep System

We’re ready to enable you to be an Elite Breeder, a farmer that sleeps easy on every decision as it’s backed up by data, are you ready to become one?

If you are, book a call with us now here, it’s never a good time but it’s always the right time to switch to a better system, and it can produce a new outcome quickly if the steps are made now.