Subsidies for Mandatory Electronic Tagging – The Current State of Play Across Australia

Everyone’s talking about it, but hardly anyone can give definitive answers! I’ve had my ear to the ground following the announcement of mandatory EIDs across Australia, and have been waiting for each State to finalise their plans before reaching out to you all. Whilst there are more announcements to come and some finer details to […]

Mandatory EID Is Coming, Are You Prepared?

VIC has done it, other states are thinking it, everybody is talking about it and we are all wondering when the headline is going to appear in the papers. We all know mandatory EID is coming at some point, so what are you going to do when that happens? It could be tomorrow… so how can that […]

Deciding On An EID Tagging Convention – What’s The Right Choice For Your Sheep Farm?

Last year we were talking to a sheep farmer who told us their Breeding Objective was to breed sheep with bigger ears….They were using so many visual tags that they were running out of space to put in the various coloured management tags that they used to track their sheep. At risk of having a […]

Reusable or Single Use: Which Sheep EID Tags Are Right For You?

When it comes to EID tags, all sheep farmers have two choices:  Reusable EID tags: EID tags have the ability to be removed from one sheep and placed in another sheep. Single-use EID tags: EID tags can only be used in one animal for its whole life. The tag is damaged when removed which prevents […]

What Are The Benefits Of Sheep EID Tags?

Many farmers are doing away with manual sheep identification in favour of EID tags. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should make the switch you’re probably wondering what the advantages of this new technology are. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 benefits EID tags provide progressive sheep […]

What Are EID Tags And How Do They Work?

Efficient Sheep identification is critical to running a profitable sheep farming business that is implementing Precision Sheep Management. The ability to identify animals individually means you can easily track data about the animal’s pedigree and performance, and use it to make better management and breeding decisions throughout its life. This allows you to see which […]