What’s The Average Age Of Your Ram Buyers?

As a Ram Breeder, it’s an interesting question to ask yourself? Recently we were talking with a Ram Breeder about this, let’s call him ‘Nostalgic NicK’. ‘Nostalgic Nick’ was lamenting the fact that every year his clients seemed to be getting older and older. He was concerned that in the next 5-10 years many of […]

(SECRET #1) – Systems Thinking – What’s An All-In-One Sheep System?

From the outside a lot of sheep software and technology looks the same, however what’s special about The BreedELITE Sheep System is that it has been purpose built to work together seamlessly as an All-In-One-System. That means you have a ‘SYSTEM for managing and implementing decisions from your sheep data’, rather than just having another […]

Buying Rams – How Do They Measure Up?

Imagine walking into a supermarket to do your weekly shopping. You go through the entry gate, grab a trolley with a wonky wheel and head for the aisles. You turn down the first aisle and there, on both sides of the aisle for the length of the store, are rows and rows of jars, bottles, […]

Why Having A Consistent And Accurate Process Is So Important For Your Sheep Farm

As we approach the end of another year we wanted to conclude with a story about the variability of measurements and why having a consistent and accurate process is so important for your sheep farm. As sheep producers understanding the variability that naturally occurs in these measurements is critical. We have used an example from […]

Bringing Back The Passion – How To Restore Enthusiasm In Sheep Farming For The Next Generation

Sheep farming is a unique industry stuck between traditional practice and the pressure to change. Traditional practices keep farmers doing what they love; being outside, hands dirty, and working with their animals. But there comes the point where farmers need to start looking at the farm’s legacy, and hopefully, finding a next-generation (possibly a family […]

Craig Bradley And His BreedELITE Story

Meet Craig Bradley from New Armatree situated in the Northern Central West Slopes and Plains of New South Wales, Australia. They operate a mixed farm on 1800 hectares that includes cereal and pulses with commercial merino flock producing first cross ewes and they also have a Border Leicester Stud. According to Craig Bradley: “If we […]

Is Collecting Weights At Marking Worth The Time And Effort?

We are seeing a trend in the industry as well as conversations related to people wanting to start recording marking weights and using them to inform selection decisions. Before you take this on read below. Collecting marking weights and using them as part of a selection criteria is mostly a waste of time and effort, […]

Classings Classic 2020

What a pleasure it was to meet and present The BreedELITE Sheep System to the Stud Merino Breeders at The Classings Classic 2020. Here are some of the highlights of the day at Murray Bridge Racing Club.

South Australian AgTech Strategic Plan Launch

Was great to get to the South Australian Agtech Plan Launch and discuss how South Australian sheep farmers can increase productivity and profitability through greater adoption of technology. The AgTech Strategic Plan provides $2.4 million investment to encourage South Australia’s primary producers to further adopt agricultural technology. For more info on the AgTech Strategic Plan, […]