The ultimate system for farmers to measure, manage and market their sheep

The BreedELITE Smart Draft'n'Weigh System, a seamless combination of the very best in software, hardware and electronic design

Tim Johnsson

CEO & Co-Founder

Greg Johnsson

Sheep Specialist, Developer & Co-Founder

We've been helping Australian farmers for over 35 years

As a sheep farmer, your livelihood depends on the performance of your flock. Each and every one of your sheep is working day and night to turn pasture and grain into meat and wool. It’s your job, then, to enable your flock to perform to its best ability both now and into the future. At BreedELITE, we have created a practical, low cost system that will improve the management skill of the farmer, enabling you to make your decisions based on data, not guesswork. The ultimate pedigree and performance recording software, matches with our very own automatic drafting and weighing machine to create the Smart Draft‘n’Weigh System. This is the product that is formed when 35+ years of specialist sheep farming consultancy meets innovation and new age technology. Farmers will drastically increase their sheep and farm productivity, benefit sheep health, improve their welfare, all the while making the best genetic progress possible. BreedELITE makes farmers excited to do sheep work again, because they know that they have the best tool at their side, leading them to achieve their goals.

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Our market leading solutions

Fully welded steel, hot dipped galvanised construction

You and I both know that there is only one material that belongs in sheep yards. It's not un-fixable/disposable plastic. It's not weak, breakable aluminium. It is rugged steel. Steel that has been welded strong and dipped in a durable zinc coating. Just think, there is a very good reason that steel has been used in sheep yards for decades... why should it change now?

Built to fit into exising races and yards

At a super slim 510mm, the Smart Draft'n'Weigh System is made to fit INTO your yards. No more cutting or redesigning your yards just to make room for a drafter

Fully Tailored to suit both commercial and stud producers

Whether you are a stud producer, commercial producer, or combined it doesn't matter. From weights to wool, ASBV's to reproduction, plus full integration to sheep genetics, our system has you covered

Highly portable design

Built with the mobile farmer in mind, the drafter features fold down handles, and attachable wheels that see you moving in minutes. Built just right to over-centre onto a ute tray or wheeled onto a trailer, many of our clients have a new travelling companion between their multiple properties.

The same goes for the software, because it is on your laptop or tablet, your data goes with you. Analyse and set draft criteria whilst you are having your morning coffee, take it with you in the ute, or show other people off farm without the need to be in the yards. When you are finished, use the same machine to check and send emails, surf the internet or read the news. Its just convenient.

Complete component replaceability

There's nothing we hate more than needing to order a completely new machine after one little component breaks. Every single component of our drafter bolts on and off, allowing you to get replacement parts easily, cheaply and quickly. Yes, that goes for the modular electronics as well!

The rest of it is made of steel, and you know what to do with that; cut, bend, weld, grind and fix as you need

Independent weighing floor = Super accurate drafting weights

No more messed up tare weights, no more uneven ground issues, no more inaccurate weights due to a waiting sheep touching the back gates. Bolt, screw or wire the crate in place, it doesn't matter. It will weigh accurately time and time again. The weight is averaged over 3 seconds, ensuring accuracy even if the animal is moving around.

No more draft lists!

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 or at least left, right, straight. Click on a direction, then add the criteria you want to go that way. Weights, sire, sex, gains, number of lambs, wool quality... the list goes on. Make it as simple or as complex as you like. No more downloading and uploading draft lists of EID's, it is all done live by the software. All you have to know is what criteria you want in each direction, then the Smart Draft'n'Weigh System takes care of the rest

Simple, plug and play operation

You'll be saying, "Why hasn't it always been like this, it just makes sense and is so easy"

Here's the process: Walk up, plug the drafter in, put in criteria, start drafting, change criteria, draft another mob, change criteria, draft another mob... its that easy. Everything just works like a well oiled machine, the way technology should be. 

Live, in-yard analytics

You get your data analytics where and when you need them, no uploading or bluetoothing to the web to get analytics. It is there, updated after every sheep so you can make informed decisions on the fly.

Great sheep visibility = consistent flow

Our unique gate design provides an almost unobstructed view for sheep entering and exiting the crate. This leads to great sheep flow and consistency from the first to the last.

Scaleheads: "Why Oh Why are they still Alive"

Ahhh the Scalehead. That infamous piece of technology that has caused farmers more pain and gripe than any other piece of technology on the farm. Known for being clunky, slow and hard to use, not to mention thousands and thousands of dollars all wrapped up in a user manual that resembles the dictionary of the english language. The rest of the world is in the tablet generation, why aren't drafting and weighing systems? That's exactly what we thought when we set out on this journey. Why pay $7000 for something that uses a legacy system, and has less functionality and usability than what we offer on a tablet that costs as little as $350 dollars. Tablets are just better: processing power is better, the portability is better, the data is accessible, you know how to use it, it's lighter, it's multi use, it... you get the point, just say no to scaleheads, say yes to BreedELITE.

It's not just an Autodrafter

We have built the Smart Draft'n'Weigh System to not just be an ornament whenever you aren't drafting. It can be used for so much more. From a manual weighing crate for super small jobs, to a remote controlled let-out gate, or even an eye muscle scanning crate! Everyday the BreedELITE Community are coming up with new uses for the Smart Draft'n'Weigh System

Free support and software upgrades

We don't believe in charging hundreds of dollars every time we bring out a new feature like some other companies. We get our value by seeing you using it!

The same goes for software and hardware support, call us anytime to ask a question.

This is our core business, not just a side project

Measuring, Managing and Marketing Sheep, that is what we are about. Our core business is creating the best software and hardware technologies to help you achieve your goals and save time, money and labour. It is not something we just dabble in as a side project, we are fully committed to creating the best pedigree and performance recording software, matched with the best autodrafting and weighing technology. When you buy from us, you are also buying that commitment, we don't settle for mediocrity, period.

We are only taking orders for a limited time, book a no obligation phone call to find out more

What's Included?

2 year software subscription

As part of your purchase, you will receive two years subscription to our software, after that, it is a minimal subscription cost of $367/yr

remote control

Durable, long battery life remote control for manual operation

Complete package deal

The price includes everything you need to be up and running with individual animal management and autodrafting; EID reader, weighing scales, and our software. We can even supply a pre-loaded windows tablet if you need.

software upgrades & support

We don't believe in customers having to pay for upgrades and help. We get our value out of seeing you get yours

All this for only

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